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“Vent-Choir” is a combination of two words, means, to work in a unique way to establishes cultural dialogue between the choir (The Skilled Group) and the general people.

Established in Oct. 2003, VENT-CHOIR is a Non Government Organization is registered under societies registration act XXI of 1860 which has been involving itself for the betterment and Upliftment of the people belonging to low socio-economic status, especially for the welfare of children in age group of 0-5 years. Through its day-to-day developmental initiatives, it has established itself a common platform of discussion for the people from urban setup in general and people from rural setup particularly by focusing its attention on major thrust area of development sector such as Environment, Cultural, Education, Health, STD/HIV/AIDS and Children suffering HIV/AIDS providing care and support centre services to the needy children and parents, Unemployment and Community Development etc.


Culture: Culture is assessed by traditions, customs, life pattern ideology and gradual social change on any aspect in any region. The organization would endeavor to preserve and sustain the rich culture heritage of the region. Education: To acknowledge the continuity of multiplicity of education for constructive social change the Foundation will give priority to quality education.

Woman Empowerment: Woman plays an important role in every sector; from house-wife to a workingwoman, she is always double burdened. The requirements are much higher than pocket. Keeping in view the status of women in the society, the Foundation’s motive is to promote the pro-poor economic growth through women’s groups, beside general awareness programmes

Social Service: The Vent-Choir wishes to promote social harmony in community and make away with social imbalance. Awareness campaigns are necessary from the grassroots level to strengthen the democracy and humanism so that the message of universal brotherhood and social harmony in the community.

Economic Field: The top priority for the organization is to strengthen the economy through various income generating programmes, to ensure the concept of social development.

Health: Health related programmes, such as vaccine, IEC research, health insurance; health awareness programmes to improve the health of people especially of deprived and under privileged sections of the society are one the priorities of the Foundation.

Promotion of Appropriate Rural Technologies: The organization endeavors to promote the science & Technology in the rural areas to accelerate the developmental process. The due focus on Information Technology is also part of such initiatives.


“Let’s make this world livable and enjoyable to everyone”





The organization has successfully running the Environment Awareness Campaign for the last 3 years. This year the organization has also organized the Environment Awareness Campaign taking school children as target groups. The target group was motivated about the control of Pollution and what role they can play to control Pollution. Because they can act as catalyst to spread the knowledge and awareness to their parents, relatives and friends. The Organisation will also follow-up this campaign results so that more awareness can be created in future.

“Chairman Address to the Participants

The Organisation has got a project from the state council of Science & Technology, Kasumpti shimla-9 for creating awareness among the rural communities for proper disposal of “ SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT”. And completed the said project successfully.

“Sh. Sohan Lal M.L.A. Kasumpti Block,

Addressing to the Masses on Solid Waste Management”

The society has also arranged an environment awareness campaign in the Govt. Senior Secondary School Totu, Shimla - 11. Student was awarded on their Essay writing and skit presentation about the youth problems and proper use of water and hygienic activities in the school as well as in their homes and in their localities. Plantation were also arranged in the school.

“Painting Competation on Solid Waste Management”


VENT-CHOIR successfully organized cultural programmes to extend the traditional folk, dances etc. on the occasion of “Environmental Day”.
Cultural programme were also organized in the Govt. Middle School, Nagan, Tehsil Kotkhai by arranging Nukkar Play/ skits. Students also participated in the programme. A token Prizes were also distributed to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd winners.

“Head Master G.M.S Nagan Sh. Chitranjan Chandra addressing the general masses”


We are participated in the national pulse polio campaign in Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh and our workers are facilitating the community members to bring their children in the pulse polio centre and even distributing IEC material and chocolates to the children

President Sewahar providing polio drops


Considering the intervention need in the rural area of Gram Panchayat, Ramnagar, Block Jubbal-Kotkhai, District Shimla after conducting a Rapid household survey by Vent-Choir and found that plantation of Medicinal Plants are not popular among the farmers in the said Gram Panchyat. Keeping these aspects in view our organization organized an Awareness Generation Camp on the Bio-Diversity Conservation for the sensitization of community members about the importance of medicinal plants and the plantation of these plants can improve their economic status.

Press Note (Amar Ujala, Dainik Jagran & Ajeet Samachar)

Dr. S.K. Joshi Delivering Lecture on Medicinal Plants

Awareness generation camp was organized on dated 27-7-2008 at Gram Panchyat Ramnagar, Tehsil Kotkhai, Distt. Shimla covering seven villages and about 1200 population. 150 farmers and other target groups attended the said camp and took keen interest in the plantation of medicinal plants and deodar tree. Resource persons on subject specialist delivered their lectures on the cited subjects. Dr. S.K. Joshi, President SEWAHAR, delivered his lectures on medicinal plants like Pateesh, Mushakbala, Choura etc. He explained the technique of its plantation by arranging a live demonstration and redemonstration session was also conducted. He explained about the benefits of these plants and how the farmers can improve their economic status by adopting alternative farming in the shape of medicinal plants. He also informed the farmers about its scopes and marketing values.

Mr. Ravi Sharma Addressing to
the target audience

Mr. Ravi Sharma programme coordinator NEAC Himachal Pradesh explained to the farmers about the importance of National Environment Awareness Campaign on Bio-Diversity Conservation. He explained the scope of biodiversity and the role of farmers in keeping the environment healthy and pollution free. He further explained that the Gram Panchyat, Mahila Mandals, Youth Clubs & Schools can also participates in this NEAC programme and they can get grant in aid for the implementation of this programme.

Prize distribution

The role of PRIs and Women Groups have vital significance in the achievements of the formulated objective of the programme. So their participation should be encouraged. Painting and slogan competition was also conducted and students of eight nearby schools participated in this competition. Mr. Ravi Sharma distributed winner & runner prizes to the students.

Mr. Sanjeev Sharma WWF New Shimla, delivered a lecture on importance on Bio-Diversity conservation and the importance of wild life. He further explained about the usefulness of various animals and insects which can be friendly with human being and how to protect from the harmful insect animals. He also explained the various activities of WWF especially pertaining to environment.


Mr. Sanjeev Addressing to the

Mr. Hem Chand Sharma Language Teacher of Sen. Sec. School Ramnagar addressed to the audience about the importance of environment and the sustainability of medicinal and deodar tree. He stressed that the community should take keen interest in the plantation campaign and must ensure about the look after of these plants properly and effectively. He also stressed that students should participate and create awareness among their fellow-friends to make this programme a success.

Mr. Hem Chand Sharma
Language Teacher Addressing
the audience

Mr. Bala Nand Chandel Social activists also addressed to the participants and explained his vast experience about the plantation of medicinal plants and how to keep these plants alive for a long period. He also explained the ill habits of smoking and gambling, which can spoil the characters of our citizens and can reduce their moral and social values of life. He further stressed the role of PRIs and schools students in the plantation campaign. He also participated in the plantation of deodar tree along with other members of the organizing NGO.

Mr. Bala Nand Chandel
Addressing to the participants

Mr. Roshan Lal Negi, Pradhan Gram Panchyat Ramnagar convey his thanks for Chief Guest, Resource Persons, Organizers of Vent-Choir, Shimla and all the participants for their keen interest in organizing the said NEAC camp in their village. He insured that the plantation of medicinal plants will be looked after properly and its sustainability be ensured by visiting now and then in the field of the farmers. He also thanked the farmers and the students for participating in the painting and slogan competition and ensured that all the member of panchayat will also take interest in the promotion of plantation of medicinal plants in all the villages of being covered by Gram Panchayat Ramnagar.

Mr. Roshan Lal Negi, Pradhan
convey his thanks for Chief
Guest, Resource Persons,
Organizers of Vent-Choir